November 7, 2013

Office furniture hardware

Basic Knowledge of Office furniture hardware

Hardware has a large range, the standard classification of furniture hardware shall be divided into two major categories, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals, which existing in office furniture like tube, plate, wire, and horn shape.


As to the ferrous metals in Office Furniture, mainly refers to irons products, which have advantages of deformation resistance, particularly high strength, wear resistance, high hardness, low price, long using life. Iron is a carbon alloy, it can be high carbon steel, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel according to the percent of carbon.


Iron hardware of office furniture can be divided to tube, square tube, angle iron, steel plate. Iron tube usually used for beams, bracket class.

And steel plate mainly used for tables, baffle, screen plates, ornaments, corbels, metal cabinet, doors, etc.

The disadvantage of Iron hardware is easy to rusted in a wet surroundings.

Method to solve the above rusting drawback is plating, painting, black or blue treatment.


Furniture Hardware processing has many producing methods, such as bending, punching , drilling, welding, cutting, stamping . In short, processing method is according to the design requirements or product requirements .


Non-ferrous metals of office furniture hardware refers to aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel.

These material has a feature of not easy to rust , poor strength than ferrous metals.

Office furniture use a lot of aluminum, aluminum bar , stainless steel pipe, stainless steel, copper , zinc plate .


Stainless steel furniture hardware can be Stainless Iron and stainless steel,

Stainless iron often called as “stainless 430 “,

While stainless steel called as “304 ” or pure stainless steel

The discriminating methods of 430 and 304 is magnet test , “430 ” can be sucked by magnet suck, and ” 304 ” is not .

The density of stainless steel and Iron are similar, but price of stainless steel is 4 times higher than iron, that  is why only high-end and luxury office furniture using stainless steel furniture hardware.


Copper hardware of office furniture can be copper and copper alloys.

Copper also known as pure copper and purple copper , hardness and strength are poor, but good toughness.

Copper alloys used more in furniture than pure brass, copper alloys is also named as yellow copper, which is a zinc -based alloy of copper.

Pure copper prices is 30 ~ 40% higher than”304 ” stainless steel, while yellow brass (copper alloy) is 20% lower than pure copper .

Copper alloy has a better hardness, strength quality than stainless steel,

but easily to be broken and brittled.

Furniture is mainly applied copper handle , embedded screws.

In order to prevent rusting, pure copper should be plated before using, but yellow brass does not need, a large area using of brass in furniture is not common.


Zinc items in office furniture is not pure zinc products, primarily it is zinc alloy ,such as galvanized zinc plate , electrolytic plated zinc plate.

Zinc item doesn’t used a lot as function hardware in furniture because the zinc product strength is poor, it can be zinc handle, structure connecting points, and so on.

Density of zinc alloy is 6.7 KG/SQM, so the price is between stainless steel and aluminum.

Lots of zinc alloy furniture accessories produced by die casting procession.


Aluminum items in office furniture can be aluminum plate, aluminum pipe, handle, knob, pipe, tower holder, and wardrobe holder, aluminum feet. It is little weighted.


Titanium , zirconium alloys are more expensive than metal , which existing in furniture in electroplating finishing , like high-end handles, hinges and fittings or exposed high gear among hotel furniture .

Its plating cost higher 40% than chrome plating,

but the appearance like high-grade gold and silver products , very luxury, wear resistance is very good, and not rusted .


The office furniture hardware products produced by castings normally, such as handles, hinges , etc., popular casting producing method in the market are precision casting process , die casting process , molding casting process .

Materials of casting procession can be brass, stainless steel , zinc -tin alloy , aluminum alloy . Casting Product Features is exquisite, uniquely shaped and so on.

Disadvantage is high cost of a single piece , different casting process costs are different , generally high to low cost are precision casting, die casting and mold casting

the product should after 2 to 3 steps in order to make qualified parts, and accessories are also according to different requirements of plated , polished, brushed , sandblasted, fuel injection and other.


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