May 3, 2014

What is brushed nickel?

What is brushed nickel?

Brushed nickel is very normal in furniture hardware, such as brushed nickel handles are very popular in European market. But for a new stuff in this field he or she may has questions like

What is brushed nickel?

What is its producing process?

What is its color looks like? 

Today, we are going to have a brief explaination about these questions.


Let’s have a talk about the material of cabinet handles and door pulls firstly.

Handles and pulls are normally in zinc, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, rubber, plastic.

Stainless steel is anti-rusting, and it is no need to have anti-rusted surface finishing on it normally, that is why stainless handles in brush is ok enought normally.

Zinc, aluminum and iron is rustable, that is why we need to have another surface finishing on it to protect if from rusting.No matter you have electro-plated finishing,oil painting finishing, or oxidization finishing, one of the purpose is building a layer on the surface of handle, in this way zinc, aluminum and iron will not exposed in oxygen, without oxygen, it won’t be rusted, zinc in electro-plating and aluminum in oxidization normally.

It is a little bit complicated in understanding electro-plating finishing and oxidization finishing, well I already have an article about this, Electro plating on furniture hardware and galvanization flow chart.


Since we already knew it is very important to have surface finishing on our handles and knobs, and the finishing could be in lots of method, can we have a choice of what color and what an appearance for our handles? Yes, human are smart and God bless people, humen pursue perfection.

Under electro-plating, there are gold plated, chrome plated, pear chrome plated, satin nickel, pewter plated, and BRUSHED NICKEL plated.

Brushed nickel is abbreviation of Brushed nickel plated, it is belongs to electro-plating, for a better understanding, you can image its process in two steps, firstly nickel plated on handles, second brush it after nickel plating.

It is color like the handles in this group, Brushed Nickel Handles

As you can say it is looks like nickel layer, but some part is brighter than other, like polishing it, that is brush looks like, It made by sand machine.

If you wanna to have a better understanding of the different color of handles and its related producing process and name, check this article Furniture handle surface finishing method and graphic illustration

Okey, one more thing, good quality brushed handles should be beautiful, it should be smooth, good color, in order to protect the nickle plated layer, we will have a transparent oil on it, that means to say we need a oil spray process on it, it cause additional cost, some vendor may not do this process to save cost, but we do.

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