November 13, 2013

How to judge chrome plate quality on furniture handle?

How to judge chrome plate quality on furniture handle?

Furniture hardware accessories includes furniture leg, table foot,  bar chair base, furniture handle, cabinet knob, etc.

As we all know, there is oxidation when iron items were posted in air, it will be rusted.


In order to avoid rusting, furniture handle, cabinet knob and other furniture hardware will be electro-plated, such as chrome plated.

Chrome plated is electro-plating,  it is a surface finishing method.

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There are many types of electro plate, such as chrome plated, nickel plated, gold plate, antique bronze plate.

Electro plated handle always do on zinc furniture handle, and aluminum handle and pull normally with oxidization.

Chrome plate has a luxury design, shiny appearance,  like a mirror or pearl, that is why chrome plated handle is very popular in European market.


How to judge chrome plate quality on furniture handle?

What kind of chrome plated furniture handle, or cabinet knob is not easily rusted?

Well, if quality of chrome plate is not good, furniture hardware will be rusted as well.

We Furniture Hardware company has some tips for your judgement.

Take a look at the picture below, it is a chrome plated office chair base.

Chrome plated office chair base 1 Chrome plated office chair base 2

There are 3 surfaces.

Surface A: Front Surface (1st picture)

Surface B: Side Surface, and the corner in red circle.

Surface C: Bottom Surface (2nd picture)


When we judge the quality of chrome plate on furniture handle, we can not only judge its surface A,

we need also pay attention to Surface B and Surface C

Appearance Judgement Tips:

Before chrome plating, furniture handle and other furniture hardware should be polishing, oil removal, acid washing,

there 3 processes are very important, polishing is the key to make it smooth,  oil removal and acid washing are tow important aspect to make the chrome plate layer keep for a long time.

Surface A:  Should be smooth, flat, no dent, no scratch.

Surface B: As you can see the corner and side surface are not easy to be polished, due to the angle.

So we must pay attention to the chrome plate quality on side and corner (like red circle in the picture 1).

If it is yellow, or not shinny, quality is not good.

Surface C:  It is bottom side, so many factory don’t pay attention to it,  they thought you can not always see it.

But bottom side is the contact surface with ground, quality is very important.

It should be smooth, and we also need to check the thickness of chrome plate layer on bottom side.


Of course, we need do more inspection of chrome plated handle to judge its quality.

Such as anti rusted testing, salt and spray testing, adhesion test.

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