November 5, 2013

Useful tips of furniture maintenance

Furniture maintenance useful tip, furniture care method.



In order to prevent distortion of the door, keep hinge and clock open and flexible, you should timely check if your furniture was placed smoothly. Inserting a pad or hard disk under it if you find it is not horizontal.


2: As to placement,

do not put it closed to the wall and moisture space to avoid mildewing board unglued,

avoid direct sunlight to prevent deformation, breaking paint, bubbling, fading.

Keep furniture away from sharp objects to scratch its surface.


3: Furniture routine maintenance.

Wiping dust and regularly stains away from furniture surface with soft cloth or fable.

Do not using wet fabric or hard cloth to clean painting surface.

Keep your furniture away from chemical product and oil.


4: Regular maintenance.

Generally speaking, you can have a total and completed maintenance on your furniture every quarter, wiping dust track with soft cloth, using special furniture polish wax or cleaner product on surface, and making it shiny with clean and soft cloth.

Furniture hardware, such as furniture lock, furniture handle, cabinet knob should be cleaned by liquid, polishing wax it to make it looks like a new one.

Make it flexible rotation and anti oxidation.


5: Smooth place objects, heavy items should be placed at the bottom of furniture.

Heavy object should not be placed on the top of wardrobe to avoid affecting top sagging, top sagging will make your furniture door not easy to open.


6: Do not let your children stay too close to furniture corner, mirror, glass, metal parts and electrical position.


7: Avoid cigarettes, hot irons and other high temp object to contact with furniture to avoid destroy and fire.


8: Removing process should be gently.

Objects should be moved out from furniture or locked firmed well to avoid it drop out, otherwise people get hurts by drop items from furniture.


9: Furniture should be in a dry and non moisture location, direct sunlight, humidity, vibration and light intense would make it damaged.


10: Do not hit it with hard objects, especially not hitting glass and metal decoration items.


11: Before cleaning furniture, using soft feature duster to make dust away, then clean it with soft cloth. Using water to clean it if necessary.

Special Furniture polishing wax would be better.


12: Function and decoration furniture hardware should be clean with soft cloth.

Do not using chemical products, acid liquid to clean entro- plating hardware, otherwise it would be oxidized.


13: How to resolve separation problem?

Covering the turned up surface with a thin cloth, by using a iron you can make it recover.


14: Repair scratches and bruises with the same color painting.


15: Connecting fittings of furniture should be checked regularly to prevent tighten loose.


16: Vacuum it at least once a week.


17: If the cushions could be turned over, you should flip it once a week to make wear evenly.


18: Stained stains should be cleaned by wet cloth, velvet furniture should cleaning with water, you should use dry cleaning agent.


Any other tips, you help us to complete this article.


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