November 7, 2013

Some thing you should know about furniture hardware

Some thing you should know about furniture hardware

What is furniture hardware?

Stone grained furniture handle  (2)

Furniture hardware is hardware that use in furniture, such as furniture feet, springs, bolts and nuts, screws, hardware connecting parts, decorations hardware, aluminum profile, drawer slider, castor, hinge, rail, furniture handle, cabinet knob.

Furniture hardware is namely furniture accessories, but furniture accessories have a wide range than furniture hardware.

In China, the using of furniture hardware can be traced back to “The Spring and Autumn Period and The Warning States”(BC 700 to BC221), at that time people using copper hinge and copper decoration hardware in cabinets.

What is the most popular furniture hardware in furniture?

We think it is furniture handles and cabinet knob. Due to we can producing furniture handle and cabinet knob with a lot of material, and different finishing, with the help of finishing technology, you can have the handles and knob in different color, such as antique copper, antique bronze, antique silver, power painting, off-white spray, gold plated, chrome plated, brushed nickel, pear chrome plated, pear nickel, pear silver, water transfer printing. I think you can have a suitable furniture handle and cabinet knob for your antique furniture, contemporary design, child furniture.

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Furniture hardware catalog

You can classify furniture hardware by material, function, style, furniture style.

Material: Zinc, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless steel, Plastic, PVC,ABC,Copper,

Function classifications of furniture hardware:

1: Construction function: Such as the metal frame of coffee table, the furniture leg of round table, bolt and nut, screws

2: Functioning furniture hardware: Twin wall slide, hinge, 3-1 connecting parts, slider, holder, cabinet tube, towel holder,

3: Decorating furniture hardware: Aluminum cover, furniture handle, cabinet knob.

4: Using range: Panel-type furniture hardware, Solid furniture hardware, hardware furniture hardware, office furniture hardware, sanitary furniture hardware, cabinet furniture hardware, wardrobe furniture hardware.

What is the feature of zinc furniture hardware?

Zinc furniture hardware, such as zamak 3 (a type of zinc alloy) furniture handle is heavier than a same size and design aluminum handle.


The answer is the density.

Density of zinc normally is 6.7g/cm3,

Density of aluminum alloy is 2.6g/cm3.

And why a zinc handle is expensive than the same design aluminum handle? If we produce these two furniture handles in the same producing method, die-casting.

There are two reasons, density and cost of material.

The price of zamak 3 is US$ 2610/ton (12th Sep. 2013 Chinese market Data)

While price of aluminum alloy (ZLD102) is US$ 2408/ton (12th Sep. 2013 Chinese market Data)

If the volume of the handle design is 10 cubic centimeters,

Handle weight in aluminum is 26g,

Handle weight in zamak 3 is 67g,

And price of zamak is higher than aluminum alloy, that is why zinc handle expensive than aluminum handle normally.

While finishing of handle is another aspect influent the price of handle, we will have more about this in the future.

Feature of zinc furniture handles

A: Density is 6.7g/cm3, so it will be heavy.

B: Good casting properties, it could to produce some high precise handles and knob.

C: Surface finishing: Electro-plating, spray, painting.

D: Good mechanical properties, abrasion resistant

E: Melting at 385℃,easy to die casting.

What is the feature of Iron furniture hardware?

A: Price is talbe,

B: Easy to produce, the mould cost, tooling cost is cheap.

C: While iron and black iron, black iron is cheaper,

D: Easy to rusted, surface finishing could be electro plated, painting, spray.

Feature of stainless steel furniture hardware

A: Price is much stable than zinc alloy,

B: Easy to produce, lots of SS profile, such as round stainless tube, square tube, normally stainless steel handle in round or square shape.

C: Anti-rusting, no need to electro plating or painting to anti rusted.

D: SS 201, SS304,

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